About Us

Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services, Inc. is a privately owned full service specialized environmental/emergency response contractor based in Baytown, Texas. Founded in 2001 Phoenix has an excellent safety record and offers a comprehensive range of specialized industrial services that focuses on a wide range of industries such as, Refining, Oil & Gas Exploration, Chemical Manufacturing, Pipeline, Storage Terminals, Marine and Transportation.

All employees are specially trained and are HAZMAT and confined-space entry certified. They have experience and knowledge of industrial cleaning as well as removing, transporting, and handling contaminated sludge water, soils.
When you combine the experience and the customer focuses along with the can do attitude, one can easily see why Phoenix is setting the new service standard in the industry.

Mission Statement
Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services is committed to providing the highest quality emergency response, industrial & safety services possible. We stand ready at all times to respond in the most cost-effective and efficient manner on behalf of our clients.

The ethical and responsible protection of people, the environment and client assets are measures of our success.

Commitment to Legal and Ethical Conduct
Phoenix will conduct its business and affairs in accordance with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws.  If any Phoenix employee is ever uncertain as to the interpretation or application of a particular law, he or she should seek advice through contacting a management representative or owner before taking action. Accordingly, it is Phoenix’s policy that each employee and representative conducts business with honesty, integrity, and fairness.  It is also Phoenix policy that all communications be truthful and transparent in a way that will withstand public scrutiny.  Working relationships will be based on candor and openness, treating each other with respect, while acting with integrity to all parties.

Health & Safety
Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services, Inc. management and employees are committed to providing safe, quality Emergency Response, Industrial, Transportation & Environmental Services.
The primary goal of Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services, Inc. safety and health program is the prevention and elimination of accidents, personal injuries and illnesses. Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services, Inc. has long realized that our employees are the key to the success of the company, and it is with this in mind that our safety program is constantly upgraded and enforced.

Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services, Inc. will maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local health and safety regulations while providing a safe work environment for the employees.

A successful safety program depends upon a team effort and full cooperation from all employees, and compliance to all safety rules and policies will be an integral part of the employment process at Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services, Inc. Management personnel are an essential key to the safety program and will both fully enforce all company safety and health policies and maintain documentation of all issues related to the company’s safety and health program. Supervisory personnel are also expected to comply with all safety rules and regulations and will be given the assistance necessary to ensure a successful safety program.

Phoenix Pollution Control & Environmental Services, Inc. is committed to this program and your anticipated cooperation is expected and greatly appreciated.