Emergency Response

The Phoenix rapid response and recovery team responds with experienced response personnel to provide our customers with timely, efficient and cost-effective services to meet our customers needs and protect their assets. more details

Industrial Services

Phoenix brings a diverse background and expertise to address a wide range of services including soil remediation, tank cleaning and hydroblasting.
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Training Services

Phoenix trainers bring to the class room a high level of field experience. Students leave with life experiences that they can use on the job the next day.more details

Waste Management

When dealing with Phoenix you can be assured that the method of disposal always meets local & federal regulations. Our waste coordinators search for the most cost effective environmentally acceptable methods of disposal. more details

Disaster Response

Phoenix offers disaster response and recovery teams with experienced personnel to provide logistics support, command post support, and debris removal. more details

Product Sales

At times our clients want products on hand to handle an occasional drip or spill as well as other maintenance issues. Phoenix offers a complete line of environmentally friendly supplies and equipment.
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Phoenix offers transportation services 24/7/365. Phoenix stands ready with: Roll Off Boxes, Vacuum Boxes, Filtering Boxes, and 70 bbl & 130 bbl Vacuum Trucks.
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Recent News

DEER PARK, TEXAS Phoenix Pollution Control and Environmental Services, Inc. assisted in emergency ship-to-shore off load pumping operations performed on the historic Battleship Texas. more details